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Neo is a C++ standard library to replace std, with a focus on being handy, performant, constexpr-friendly and ranging from low level to high level abstractions [link]
I participated in langjam, a programming language jam. The language I submitted is clock. The theme of the event was "patterns". clock is a language that simulates the pattern of a diary. Instructions or commands are written in a sort-of first person diary. Functions are geographic places you go. Instructions are prefixed with a 24-hour time, which both server aesthetic and semantic purposes. You can jump to a specific time by realising how late it is, or you can nap for some time and wake up later, skipping the instructions that would have happened during the time you were napping. [link]
Ever wanted to easily download a video (and maybe convert it to audio) in your phone? Wait no longer, android-video-downloader is a Termux shell script that does exactly that for you. Just share a link with Termux and let it do the work. [link]
bong is the good old pong game written in 8086 assembler, working in the boot sector. The game is less than 512 bytes. You can try it with qemu. [link]
buttcoin is a little self-contained web(html+css) app that uses bluetooth to connect to a sex toy and vibrates it as a functions of the intensity of the price changes of Bitcoin. [link]
I sent some patches to SerenityOS, implementing playlist support in the audio player, some other visualization, and an overall better interface than what was before. I also started work on a torrent manager, but stopped development since I lost interest, probably due to having (what I think was)depression then. [link]
vrchat mods
I developed several mods for vrchat, including the famous multiplayer dynamic bones mod, and some other smaller ones that didn't get so much recognition and use. I ceased developing mods for vrchat because I don't play the game anymore, and it's a lost cause. [link]