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Welcome to New Digital Era.
I hope you find my page interesting!!! Love,
the sysop.

I have an Atom feed now! Get it at /feed.xml!
I have added created a new banner and a new button! Feel free to use either one.
The Yesterweb Webring is dead, closed by its maintainers. F in the chat please. Apparently, it stopped working in March, but I only noticed now. I have replaced it with the Retronaut Webring! I have also joined the Hotline Webring!
I've released my first ever videogame review! I am not experienced in writing about games, so I may make synthesis mistakes. Let me know what you think of it!
June 4th 2023
Today's website of the day is
This project aims to name every color in the RGB color space (that's about 16 million colors).
I got my own domain! Head to :)
I ❤ 88x31